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With a total of well over 50 years of experience from dinghy sailing over Volvo Ocean Racer and Superyacht to 100-year three-masts, we have put together a course program that picks you up at your level and closes your knowledge gaps. Challenge us – that’s what we’re here for!

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Expand your skills as a responsible skipper

Our 1-day first aid course lets you sail with the certainty of staying cool and responsive in medical emergencies. Our RYA First Aid at Sea Nothelfer course is established worldwide and focuses on the treatment of medical problems at sea.


Excellent! Great fun. I do not find any subject to improve.

Most of us will probably have to go to a life raft and hopefully never.Nevertheless, it is advisable to be prepared in case of need, to react properly even in tricky situations and to keep calm. It has been proven that in emergencies trained seafarers have significantly higher chances of survival.

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