Our Story

We bring a practical approach to sail training into Switzerland!

“Very interesting – helpful for daily use – excellent atmosphere!”

T. Perroni, customer

Why Swiss Maritime Courses?

  • We hand-pick our partners to ensure you’ll have a great time!
  • Our instructors are highly trained, experienced professional sailors. And we want to pass on our experience.
  • The efficient and smooth booking process guarantees a good sign-up experience.
  • We provide all major payment options: bank transfer, credit card or PayPal.
  • We invest a lot of energy in our services. Almost real-time communication and a very high standard of quality in all areas is a matter of course for us and we are proud of our work.
  • You have the securities of a company registered in Switzerland and operating from Switzerland. We are subject to Swiss law and are adjusted to local circumstances and needs.

Who We Are

Swiss Maritime Courses is a project of blue water services GmbH, based in Gelterkinden, Switzerland, to provide a HUB for high quality sail training and cruising arrangements. If you book with Swiss Maritime Courses you will have great experiences and certainly a lot of value for your money.

Around 2006 Jan (the guy behind Swiss Maritime Courses) started to bring RYA courses into Switzerland where it was welcomed with arms wide open. Since then he developed and improved this part of the branch to the today level.

With a total of 20 years of professional experience from dinghy sailing via Superyachts to 100-year three-masts, he has put together a sail program that will make sure you are satisfied. Challenge us – that’s what we’re here for!

We all share the love of the sea and look forward to sharing our enthusiasm.

Meet Our Team


Jan Pfister B.